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4 Steps for an Easier Settling-in

Blog by Sabina Veronelli


Entering care for the first time can cause some anxiety in children and parents, and that is normal. Children are our most precious living beings in the world. Leaving them in someone else’s care can trigger fears: Will they be safe? Will someone be there for them, if they feel sad or lonely? What happens if they cry? What if they need me and I am not there? Will they have a good time?

At Rachel’s Place we understand this and we are committed to creating and maintaining every day a space where children feel safe and connected. We strive to meet children’s attachment needs supporting their exploration, being there for comfort and protection, and taking charge in a kind way whenever needed, to nurture ithe sense of safety and connection for everyone.

In our experience with families we have noticed that there are some things that parents can do to make the process of setting in easier for their children:

Have a few play dates.

Play dates are a great opportunity for you and your child to become familiar with our environment and our routine. You will get to know educators and children, and will get used to the routine and transitions in our day.

When you have a play date, it is important that you help your child get used to the way we do things. For example, we sit at the table while we eat, and we can’t play with toys until we have finished, packed our lunchbox away and washed our hands. Feel free to ask educators if you have doubts on how we do things.

Help your child create a sense of safety and connection with their educator and the children.

Your goal is for your child to feel increasingly safe with their educator. That happens more easily if your child sees you feeling comfortable with the educator, too. Spend some time talking to your child’s educator when you arrive in the morning, being warm and friendly. You may also tell your child things you like about the educator, mention her sometimes during the day, talk about something fun your child did during the play dates.

Your child will soon engage with the educator and the other children. When that happens, step back a bit- you may move a bit away and let them engage without being directly involved in the play.

Use play to help children understand that you will leave and then come back

If childcare is a new experience for your child, it is important to help them understand that in days of care you will leave and then always come back.

Play may be of help with that. At home, get a family of animals, puppets or dolls, and play childcare. Create a fun childcare centre. Show your child how parents leave, kids stay and play, and parents always come back to pick children up and go back home together

If possible, make your first leave a short one.

Sometimes children may not be sure what is going to happen when you leave, and in that case, they may hold anxiety within. If possible, the first day of care leave for a short time. Talk to us if you are unsure about what to do. We will stay in touch, let you know how things go and send you pics.

Nap time may be a particularly hard moment for your child to get used to, as it is a time when children are used to having their parents with them and it will take quite a high level of safety to fall asleep without you. If possible, let your child get used to Rachel’s Place for a few days, before you leave them during nap time.

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