Rachel's Philosophy

Rachel's Philosophy

Rachel's Philosophy

Rachel's Place is an inviting community focused, independent childcare centre. We create a safe and nurturing community for all who walk through our door. We are dedicated to ensuring people are and feel:

  • Independent and heard
  • Protected and safe
  • Valued and appreciated


Our relationships are warm and open. We believe that relationships are worth investing in. We know that feeling connected makes everyone feel secure and increases our capacity to communicate and to learn. Having connection as a value means that we are dedicated to honest communication.


We are committed to open communication, listening, speaking up, exploring ideas and thoughts, and caring for each other. We hold democratic principles of conflict resolution. When issues arise we look to solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Evidence Based Practice

Our approach comes from research, theories, content knowledge, practice evidence and our own lived experience with children and families. We have high expectations of the care and education we provide and expect best practice. We foster a culture of ongoing learning and reflective practice as a means of achieving this.


We advocate open-mindedness and acceptance of the diversity within our community. We promote sensitivity and understanding in our interactions with each other.


We delight in each other. Celebrating achievements both small and large. We see encouragement as fundamental to the development of confidence. As such we are committed to using strength based practices.


We foster exploration, discovery and independence through nurturing everyone’s natural curiosity for learning, viewing this as an important means of growth and development. We offer support and assistance to ensure equity for people, especially our children, to reach their potential.


It is the heart of what we do. Playfulness brings the joy into our space.


We want Rachel's Place to be Our Place. Our homely environment, friendly and caring culture creates a sense of belonging for children, families, staff and visitors.


We acknowledge the Early Learning Years Framework as it guides and inspires our service.

Our service draws from many theorists in early childhood. It is particularly influenced by John Bowlby, Loris Malaguzzi, Lev Vygotsky, Aletha Solter, Patty Wipfler, Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper and Bert Powell, Donald Winnicott and Carl Rogers.

Family Involvement

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 7:30am to 5:45pm


  • 111 Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4101

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Rachel's Place is an inviting community focused, independent child care centre. We create a safe and nurturing community for all who walk through our door.